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VerticallyStackedYAxis not working when inside TabControl

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I have created a demo app with the relevant code.

I have a tab control with 2 tabs, each one with a version of the SciChart surface showing multiple graphs stacked on top of each other.
The first (LAT) uses the standard WPF ListBox with each item contains a surface.
The second (ECG) uses a vertically stacked YAxis (from the customer examples).

Select the second tab (ECG).
Press the Create button to create 50 waveforms.
(note – only a single graph is created)
Select the first tab, then select the 2nd tab.
(all 50 graphs are created)

I am unable to upload the .zip file (with the demo) or an images.
I select the file – but it does not upload

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, the sample project you mentioned was not attached to your message.
Could you please resend it?
Please also make sure the file is less than 10 MB. You can delete the ‘bin’, ‘obj’, and ‘packages’ folders to reduce the .zip size.

Thanks in advance.

With best regards,
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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