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X-Axis Visible Range

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Hello support team,

We have to realize the following request:
– Yt chart with DateTime as X-axis and double values on the Y-axis
– The chart should display a user-defined area on startup (e.g. 20 sec) After the chart has run for 20 seconds ( i.e. 20 seconds), the animated scrolling should start. By default, the chart behaves as follows: The X-axis area fills up to 20 seconds and then starts scrolling. We want the chart to display 20 seconds on the X-axis at the start and fill up.

I am aware that I can implement this behavior myself. However, the question arises whether I can realize this directly with a basic functionality.

Thank you!

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Yes, in fact we have a demo of how to achieve this (or very similar behaviour) here:

How to Create a Scrolling Strip Chart in SciChart?

enter image description here

Updated source-code for SciChart v5 can be found here:

Build instructions for the Useful Examples sandbox found here:

Best regards,

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That sounds very good!
But how can I access the method AnimateVisibleRangeTo() from the ViewModel NumericAxisViewModel?
Thank you!

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