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Y Axis goes crazy when tick on the visibility check boxes in the legend.

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Hi, i am developing a real time graph plotting application with various series on the chart. The application allows user to turn on and off the auto range using a radio button.

I am using the the viewport manager to adjust the y-axis visible range of each series. But i face an issue. The particular y axis visible range increase abnormally (keep increase indefinitely) when i uncheck the particular visibility checkbox on the legend. It back to normal when i check the visibility checkbox.

I do also provide the code of the ViewPort manager class in the zip file. Besides, i also prepare the video but fail to upload due to size limit.

Please provide me so guide how to solve this and why it happens. Looking forward on your reply. Thanks

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Hi Mian,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, the information you’ve provided is not enough to reproduce the issue on our side.
Could you please send us a small sample project reproducing the issue for investigation?

If you are not willing to share your code in public, you can also submit a support ticket and attach your sample project there. Here is a link:

Please also note that the attachment size limit is 10MB, so we recommend deleting bin, obj, and packages folders to reduce the resulting archive size.

Thanks in advance.
With best regards,

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