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I have some special requirements to solve. First point is to align the axis title position to the top of the axis. So the title is above the axis.

Second thing is to manually edit the visible range min and max inside the axis. So that the label min and max are editable.

Is there any way to do that?

Regards Markus

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Sure, you can either use a TextAnnotation for an axis label on top of the axis. Just give the position for the Y axis, 0, yaxisMax + font height. You can also use regular Labels on top of the graph if you want to do that. I think you can also make your own custom NumericAxis to be able to do this.

The second part is easier, just make two textboxes and bind them to a property called YAxisMin YAxisMax, XAxisMin, XAxisMax. You can also bind them to your axis like this.

xAxis.SetBinding(NumericAxis.MinRange, new Binding(“XAxisMin”));

good luck.

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