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Axis Synchronization in Android

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in IOS SDK there are SCIAxisRangeSyncronization and SCIAxisAreaSizeSyncronization for dealing with axis sync. I would like to ask are there any similar classes in Android to do this ? Thanks.

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Hi Ray,

You can synchronize VisibleRange by setting same IRange instance for all your axes. Please take a look on Sync Multiple Charts example. There you can see code like this which does this:

private IRange sharedXRange = new DoubleRange(0d, 1d);

final NumericAxis xAxis0 = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()

final NumericAxis xAxis1 = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()

To synchronize axes sizes you can use SciChartVerticalGroup class but for it supports only synchronization of vertically placed axes. Please take a look on Multi-Pane Stock Charts example. There you can see code like this which adds 4 surfaces into on vertical group which synchronizes size of vertical axes ( in our case all yAxes on the right side ):

  private final SciChartVerticalGroup verticalGroup = new SciChartVerticalGroup();

  initChart(priceChart, pricePaneModel, true);
  initChart(macdChart, macdPaneModel, false);
  initChart(rsiChart, rsiPaneModel, false);
  initChart(volumeChart, volumePaneModel, false);

  private void initChart(SciChartSurface surface, BasePaneModel model, boolean isMainPane) {


Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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