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[IOS ] How to create a custom a tooltip in UsingRolloverModifier

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I want to develop a rollover in my IOS application, like the example of Using RolloverModifier. However, the axis label & tooltip display of rollover in this example is static, I want to customize a the the label & tooltip that I want, .xib file or coding to develop also fine.

Can anyone help or give suggestions to my problems? Thanks.

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In order to have a custom view you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a custom view (should have SCITooltipDataView as a base class).
  2. Create a custom SCISeriesInfo, override -(SCITooltipDataView *)createDataSeriesView method, to return the object of class from previous step.
  3. Subclass corresponding renderable series and override -(SCISeriesInfo *)toSeriesInfo method to return an instance for step 2.

That’s it, rollover modifier will use SCISeriesInfo object for your renderable series with a custom tooltip view.
We have an example for it in our sandbox, you’re welcome to check

  • Gumbo F
    In step 2, if I want to display another data (PriceItem) instead of SeriesInfo in tooltip, which part I need to modify? Or what variable and method are required to keep it from SeriesInfo?
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