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SCIZoomPanModifier ClipMode

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Hi, guys

I’m very sad because of you.

On my chart i’m added SCIZoomPanModifier with clip mode SCIClipMode_ClipAtExtents. And it well worked before i have updated lib to ‘’. Now it’s works the same way as SCIClipMode_StretchAtExtents. But i don’t want to zoom by scrolling at the edge of data.

Can you look at it and fix as soon as possible?

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Hi Andrei

Thank you for writing to us. I’ve just checked SCIZoomPanModifier and I was not able to reproduce the issue. (build 1758)
Could you please provide some more information:
1) renderable series you are using
2) axis type and setup
3) your setup for modifiers

As our customer you may also use our support tickets. Our response time on support tickets is faster.

Best regards
SciChart iOS developer

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