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Solution crash (debug mode) when an atttach a labelprovider on an axis (Xamarin.ios)

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I have 2 solutions of xamarin forms using scichart: one of them is the demo from github repo of scichart (, and the other is my own solution using scichart

The problem is when I attach a labelprovider (the same as the github example) to one of my numerical axes, the app automatically closes on the device (both), neither of the two solutions shows an error or exception.

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Hello Felipe,

Sorry for a delayed response. There were changes between and, and latest code from our GitHub which you provided looks just ok. I’ve just ran example you’ve mentioned and everything looks fine. Can you please provide runnable project with NuGet packages referenced, so we can be on the same page while while resolving this issue? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Nazar R,
SciChart Developer

  • Adrian Harwood
    I can confirm I also have this issue with the same version of SciChart.iOS
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