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Hi, guys

Is Stacked Columns support autoRange by visible range?

I’m interesting in because sometimes my data looks like at the screenshot “huge_data.png”

And even when i have scrolled outside this data it’s looks like at the screenshot “scrolled_outside.png”

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Hi, Andrei

I’ve fixed the bug, and you should dowload new version of framework (

Best Regards, Mykola

  • Andrei Sushynski
    According to i have using SCICategoryDateTimeAxis and have used data series of the SCITypeOfDataSeries_XCategory type for escape a gap at the chart surface. Because my data can contain a data gap. But now without SCITypeOfDataSeries_XCategory it’s broken my functionality for set visible range of chart. what is the right way to escape gap at data now? I will duplicate it as a question also.
  • Andrei Sushynski
    I figured it out Deleting of SCITypeOfDataSeries_XCategory have changed the series range type. So i’m just need to handle it. Thanks for fast answer.
  • Mykola Hrybeniuk
    Hi, Andrei For now, It’s enough only use SCICategoryDateTimeAxis, so you don’t have to specify type of data series anymore. And functionality still should be the same. Can you send me a screenshot which demonstrates wrong work of category axis? Best Regards, Mykola
  • Andrei Sushynski
    Hi, Mykola You can look at There i had described a new problem after update to
  • Andrei Sushynski
    also there is no any notification if someone leaves a comment to the question. It’s really upsets
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