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ThemeManager Xamarin iOS throws NSInternalInconsistencyException

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When calling SCIThemeManager.ApplyTheme(Surface, SCIThemeManager.SCIChart_Bright_SparkStyleKey); within a the code-behind running on the iPhoneSimulator running iOS 13.2, the iOS system throws an Objective-C exception with the following details:

Foundation.MonoTouchException: 'Objective-C exception thrown.  Name: NSInternalInconsistencyException Reason: applyThemeProvider: must be implemented in subclass

Although the exact same pattern works without issue on the corresponding Xamarin.Android project and the examples that call this line seem to be OK too, it is not clear from any documentation what this issue could be. Any advice would be appreciated.

SciChart.iOS v2.5.0.946
  • Adrian Harwood
    I will try with the upcoming v3 beta to see if this disappears.
  • Adrian Harwood
    This problem does not occur using the v3 beta but other things break when using this experimental version so can’t win at the moment…
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Hi Adrian

We don’t officially support educational licenses (which are given for free and do not include support), however if you believe you’ve found a bug then by all means submit a bug report.

Email to bug-report [at] scichart [dot] com or post here, including full steps to reproduce the bug: code samples, images, what version(s) you’ve tried. For example the bug in v3 — you didn’t say what it is, so we can’t investigate or fix it.

If you could do this it would be very helpful

Best regards,

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