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Xcode 12.4 errors in RNSciCandlestickChart.swift, AnnotationDragListener.swift, RNSciLineChart in SciChart.xcframework 4.2.0. Build failed

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Try to integrate new SciChart.xcframework 4.2.0 instead of SciChart.framework 2.0 to the project and build failed in Xcode 12.4 with the next errors:
1) 335th line: Editor placeholder in source file
2) 549th line: Cannot convert value of type ‘Bundle.Type’ to expected argument type ‘Bundle’ SCIThemeManager.addTheme(byThemeKey: theme, from: Bundle)
3) 768th line: Method does not override any method from its superclass
override func internalHandleGesture(_ gestureRecognizer: UIGestureRecognizer)
1) 4th line: Cannot find type ‘SCIAnnotationDragListener’ in scope
class AnnotationDragListener: SCIAnnotationDragListener
1) 475th line: Editor placeholder in source file
SCIThemeManager.addTheme(byThemeKey: theme, from: Bundle)
Can you tell me please can I launch SciChart.xcframework 4.2.0 in Xcode 12.4? Any how to solve this issues?

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Hello Alexander,

Thanks for the inquiry. Since you didn’t attached your swift file, i’m just going to guess here.

  1. dates.add(date!)) – looks that you just don’t need that “!” after the date

  2. You should pass the theme key and correctly retrieved bundle, such as main bundle for example:
    SCIThemeManager.addTheme(byThemeKey: "Your Theme Key", from: Bundle.main)

  3. “[SCIGestureModifierBase+Protected internalHandleGesture:]” method has been replaced with four separate methods which handle each gesture state separately (discussed in migration guide])

  4. “SCIAnnotationDragListener” has been changed to “ISCIAnnotationDragListener” (discussed in migration guide)

  5. Same as #2. Looks that you just need to properly retrieved the bundle in which your custom theme is stored.

After all, please read through our migration guides, you might find lots of issues listed there already:
SciChart v3 Migration guide
SciChart v4 Migration guide

Hope that helps.

Best Regards
Nazar R.

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