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Is it possible to display the values always on the chart.

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Hi Arun

Similar to your other question, the TextAnnotation type will let you place text labels on a JS chart.

There is no automatic way to say show/hide text-labels on data-points but perhaps we can add this to our backlog as a feature request.

Please note the Anchor point properties on TextAnnotation. Some code like this will probably work for you:

// Set the X,Y coordinate of your data-point
const xValue = 1.23;
const yValue = 3.45;

// Add the annotation to the chart per data-point
    new TextAnnotation({
        text: `${yValue}`,
        horizontalAnchorPoint: EHorizontalAnchorPoint.Left, // Anchor left/center
        verticalAnchorPoint: EVerticalAnchorPoint.Center,
        x1: xValue, 
        y1: yValue

Best regards,

  • Arun Surendran
    Hi Andrew Burnett-Thompson. We can add the text to the chart. But my application has the zoom and pan options. So its difficult to find the x and y points from the chart and add all the data points. Its good if we can show/hide the value using any properties.
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