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Dynamic data loading on zoom

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I have a huge dataset to display in graphical form starting from the daily data for 30 days and then to each minute when zoom in, what is the best way to plot this data using zoom in functionality

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Umer, as it happens we’re preparing a demo of how to load data from the server on zoom, pan. This will be uploaded to our demo site shortly. Will notify you
  • Umer Nawaz
    Awesome, thank you so much
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Best Answer

Hi Umer

Thank you for your question about SciChart. We’ve created an example showing how to virutalize data (dynamically load data on zoom) using SciChart.js here:

JavaScript Chart Demo: Virtualized Data 10 Million Points on server

Javascript dynamic data loading on zoom

There is a detailed description of how the example works plus links to the source code in the demo page here.

The main idea is to subscribe to xAxis.visibleRangeChanged and do the data load there. In the example we use a bit of rx to debounce those range changes so you don’t get lots of unnecessary loads while zooming. We also show how to set up an overview for this scenario which has its own dataSeries, rather than sharing the data with the main chart which the standard overview does.

The server side of this has 10 million points and uses a very basic “return every nth” algorithm to summarise the data.

For more details read the demo description.

Thanks for your request!

Best regards,

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