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I encountered an exception inside scichart2d.js when I used hitTestProvider.hitTest.

getHitTestInfo(idx, e) {
let touch0 = e.targetTouches[0];
let rect = e.currentTarget.getBoundingClientRect();
let x = parseInt(touch0.pageX - rect.left);
let y = parseInt(touch0.pageY -;
const premultipliedX = x * DpiHelper.PIXEL_RATIO;
const premultipliedY = y * DpiHelper.PIXEL_RATIO;
let lineSeries = this.$store.state.components.scitchart.sciObj[idx].sciChartSurface.renderableSeries.items[0];
console.log(`lineSeries.hitTestProvider.hitTest(${premultipliedX}, ${premultipliedY}, ${DpiHelper.PIXEL_RATIO})`);
let result = lineSeries.hitTestProvider.hitTest(premultipliedX, premultipliedY, DpiHelper.PIXEL_RATIO);
return result;


The video URL is as follows

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Hi Chinghung. Thank you for sharing this example. We’ve investigated the issue and found the cause of the problem.

The xValues and yValues must be (number[] or Float64Array)
You need to replace xValues, yValues with the correct type:

const xValues = Array.from({length: 100}, (x,i) => i); (for your case, from provided example)

If you want to custom axis labels, please, use the LabelProvider:

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