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Hi All,

I’ve got a class that derives from the DataPointSelectionModifier in order to access the OnValueChanged() functionality and everything is fine (Thank you Andrew).

However – When I have 2 series on the chart (scatter series) and 2 points are quite close together, a single selection of a point can result in the selection of two points. On playing around with it a bit I notice that a point can be selected when the mouse pointer is slightly outside the limits of the pointmarker (in this case a 10×10 EllipsePointMarker) so if you get 2 points only a few pixels apart it is possible to place the mouse between the two and get both points selected. You can also see the behaviour in the SciChart examples 2DCharts|Toltips and Hit Test| Pointmarkers Selection example if you play with the points in the top left corner.

The Question: Is there a way to reduce the area around the mouse pointer that a hit test is detected in? (e.g. 20 pixel radius down to say 5 pixel radius)

I’ve had a look at overriding GeometryHitTestResult HitTestCore but I don’t really know if this is even the right way to go. If somebody can confirm this is where I should be looking then I’ll find some time to persevere with it.

Thanks in advance

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I have multiple series on a chart surface, each with their own y-axis. I do not want to display all y-axes as this would take up half the chart surface.

Is there a way to make the matching y-axis only visible when the mouse cursor hovers over a series (hit-test)? How would I go about that?


  • bbmat asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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I am currently trying the iOS Charting Library and want to implement a Column series with the drill-down functionality (when touching one of column points by end user). Does the charting component supports the hit-testing or selection feature to determine which point has been clicked at runtime?

  • liza yudup asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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I have multliple renderable series on one scichartsurface and each series has its own y-axis, when CursorModifier-cross moves over line/scatter point/ohlc/candle series how can I ONLY show the y-Value on the with the rendered series matching y-Axis?

With multiple rendered series its virtually impossible to determine which y-Axis value pertains to the specific point of the CursorModifier which “hit-tests” a rendered series.

Is there a simple way to only highlight the y-Value on the matching yAxis as soon as the CursorModifier hit-tests a rendered series? I do not mind to show all yValues on all yAxes when the CursorModifier does not hit-test any rendered series.


  • bbmat asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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We are using SciChart 2.2.3441
And i need to detect hit only at DataPoint,
RenderableSeries.HitTest(hitTestPoint, true) – works fine!
But RenderableSeries.HitTest(hitTestPoint, 10, false) – always returns IsHit = false. No matter what is hitTestRadius.
See attached project for example

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