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Multliple y-axes, show CursorModifier y-value only on 1 y-Axis

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I have multliple renderable series on one scichartsurface and each series has its own y-axis, when CursorModifier-cross moves over line/scatter point/ohlc/candle series how can I ONLY show the y-Value on the with the rendered series matching y-Axis?

With multiple rendered series its virtually impossible to determine which y-Axis value pertains to the specific point of the CursorModifier which “hit-tests” a rendered series.

Is there a simple way to only highlight the y-Value on the matching yAxis as soon as the CursorModifier hit-tests a rendered series? I do not mind to show all yValues on all yAxes when the CursorModifier does not hit-test any rendered series.


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Hi there,

This is not currently possible out of the box, however there is another forum post and a workaround posted here: Hide one of two CursorModifier axis labels.

The other possible way is to set an Invisible AxisLabelTemplate on the axis you want to hide labels for. To find out how to template the axis labels, please see the CursorModifier Documentation.

Styling the Axis Labels

CursorModifier Axis Labels come with a default style. This style can
be overridden by setting the CursorModifier.AxisLabelContainerStyle
and/or CursorModifier.AxisLabelTemplate attached properties on the
relevant axis.

Let me know if this helps,

Best regards,

  • bbmat
    I am confused how this linked example pertains to the problem, described. I have one single pane and multiple rendered series in that pane and each series has its own y-Axis which is also part of an AxisCollection that is part of the ChartPaneViewModel. In the ScicahrtSurface xaml definition I bind to the axis collection as follows: YAxes = “{Binding ChartYAxes, Mode=OneWay}”
  • bbmat
    How can I link up the rendered series’ axis (the one pertaining to the one that the mouse hits) with the CursorModifier’s axis label?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Right, I understand. I thought you meant you simply wanted to hide the axis label for a certain axis, but you want to show the YAxis Label on just one axis when the cursor is over a series on that axis. Well, I’m afraid this isn’t actually possible (short of creating a completely custom modifier), but, I can log it as a feature request.
  • bbmat
    One acceptable workaround could be to set IsSelected of a Renderable series to true. If I now could bind the IsVisible state of the matching y-Axis to the IsSelected state of the matching renderable series then that would be awesome. In that way only those y-Axes are displayed whose matching renderable series I selected. How can I achieve this linkage? Thanks
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    It’s still not possible. Cursor axis labels bind to AxisInfo class which has no knowledge of RenderableSeries (because its related to an axis). The only way is to modify the CursorModifier code itself. I have created a feature request and we have a new developer who needs a few training tasks, so we will attempt to do it.
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