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HitTest without interpolation always fault

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We are using SciChart 2.2.3441
And i need to detect hit only at DataPoint,
RenderableSeries.HitTest(hitTestPoint, true) – works fine!
But RenderableSeries.HitTest(hitTestPoint, 10, false) – always returns IsHit = false. No matter what is hitTestRadius.
See attached project for example

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Best Answer

Lal )) I just found the reason.
I created PointMarkerTemplate old school WPF style )) HitTest without interpolation needs PointMarker.Width and PointMarker.Height, and if you created PointMarker like that:

           <ControlTemplate >
                  <Rectangle  Fill="Orange" Width="10" Height="10"/>

So PointMarker.Width == Nan and PointMarker.Height == Nan.

Right way is :


           <pm:EllipsePointMarker Width="10" Height="10" Fill="Green"></pm:EllipsePointMarker>
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I don’t know why i can’t post code here

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Ivan, to post code simply indent your code by 4x spaces, or click the 0101 'code' button on the toolbar.
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