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Is it possible to stack the Y Axes in SciChart.JS


I am working on a proof of concept for our company to move some of our desktop apps to the web. We use SciChart WPF in our desktop apps so we are going with SciChart.JS for the web apps. Is it possible to stack the FastLineRenderableSeries in SciChart.JS like we do in WPF?

Edit: Found the answer just after I posted this question.

sciChartSurface.layoutManager.leftOuterAxesLayoutStrategy = new LeftAlignedOuterVerticallyStackedAxisLayoutStrategy();

Screenshot of WPF Chart

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Hi Tim

Yes it is, I’m glad you found the answer in our JS Chart Documentation.

The Vertically Stacked Axis exists in SciChart.js

enter image description here

So does Horizontally Stacked Axis

There are actually more configuration options for scichart.js than for WPF for axis alignment.

Let us know if you have further questions

Best regards

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