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Has anyone ever encountered this problem?
Could you give me a help? How to solve this problem?
The app didn’t run in the method of ‘getStrokeColors()’, when I debugged.

public class BubbleChartFragment extends ExampleBaseFragment {

    FastBubbleRenderableSeries mRSeries = sciChartBuilder.newBubbleSeries()
                    .withZScaleFactor(zScaleFactor / 10f)
                    .withBubbleBrushStyle(new SolidBrushStyle(0xffff0000))
                    .withStrokeStyle(0xff00ff00, 20f)
                    .withPaletteProvider(new StrokePaletteProvider())

    private class StrokePaletteProvider extends PaletteProviderBase<FastBubbleRenderableSeries> implements IStrokePaletteProvider {
            private final IntegerValues colors = new IntegerValues();
            private final int[] desiredColors = new int[]{0xFF00FF00, 0xFF0000FF};

            protected StrokePaletteProvider() {

            public void update() {
                final BubbleRenderPassData currentRenderPassData = (BubbleRenderPassData) renderableSeries.getCurrentRenderPassData();

                final int size = currentRenderPassData.pointsCount();

                final int[] colorsArray = colors.getItemsArray();
                final int[] indices = currentRenderPassData.indices.getItemsArray();
                for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
                    final int index = indices[i];
                    colorsArray[i] = desiredColors[index % 2];


            public IntegerValues getStrokeColors() {
                return colors;
  • SiYuan Ou asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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If I create a bubble chart with auto x-range and keep appending bubbles (so the xrange grows over time to show all the data), after a while some of the bubbles will start to flash on and off. Its as though if they are centred between pixels then the whole bubble doesn’t get drawn.

Any ideas?


  • F W asked 8 years ago
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