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I’m trying to control the size of the bubbles that are being plotted in the FastBubbleRenderableSeries.

I’ve tried all these things, but I can’t seem to figure it out:

  1. Changing values that are plotted: there seems to be some “normalization” that occurs behind-the-scenes, so whether I scale the raw values, the bubble size is identical.
  2. Changing ZScaleFactor: Regardless of what value I use for ZScaleFactor, the bubble size is still the same.

I’ve attached the problem I’m facing, would appreciate your help.


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If I create a bubble chart with auto x-range and keep appending bubbles (so the xrange grows over time to show all the data), after a while some of the bubbles will start to flash on and off. Its as though if they are centred between pixels then the whole bubble doesn’t get drawn.

Any ideas?


  • F W asked 9 years ago
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Hello. I need to provide custom point marker with height and width based on my data, but trying to implement BasePointMarker I have the center points but not the original data to make the width and height based in my original binding. Is there a solution to do that? Thank you.

Tommy Garcia.

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