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I have a real-time updated chart with multiple series. Is it possible for me to add a custom annotation to the chart by just providing the x1 value? i.e. The y1 value will be the y value of the data point in certain series with the provided x1 value. It will look like that the annotation will be sticked to the series with a fixed x1 value while the chart is updating.

  • Kelly Chan asked 11 months ago
  • last active 11 months ago
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Hi SciChart Team,

Thank you all for your help and support.

I finally got the multiple symbols on the stock chart with reference to this and with this clear explanation
IAnnotation annotation = builder.newCustomAnnotation().withContent(R.layout.example_custom_annotation_view).withYAxisId(PRICES).withPosition(i, prices.getHighData().get(i)).withVerticalAnchorPoint(VerticalAnchorPoint.Bottom).build();

The above code worked for me and hope it helps to others too who all are trying this.


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Hi Yura,

Thank you for the answer here

I already did tried that way before also but was unable to display the custom annotations, even though I give the YAxisId the symbols are not visible on the chart…

I would be really grateful if you could help me out with this please

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