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Great work, thanks a lot for this framework!

Could you provide an example of animated inserting of a new point? My goal is to implement interpolation between previous retrieved and last point on the real-time line chart.

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I’m trying to merge xvalues of two data series (both must have equals xvalues).
First, i get a keys – collection of different keys, and want to insert this keys into second data series.

        using (ds.SuspendUpdates())
                int keyIndex = 0;
                int dsIndex = ds.FindIndex(keys[0], SearchMode.RoundUp);

                while (dsIndex < ds.XValues.Count)
                    if (keyIndex >= keys.Count) break;

                    if (ds.XValues[dsIndex] > keys[keyIndex])
                        ds.Insert(dsIndex, keys[keyIndex], Double.NaN);


But if ds.XValues.Count = 1200000 and keys’s count = 200000, that this method work to much time.
Complexity of this method is O(n), so i want to know what is performance (complexity) of data series insert method?

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