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Great work, thanks a lot for this framework!

Could you provide an example of animated inserting of a new point? My goal is to implement interpolation between previous retrieved and last point on the real-time line chart.

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Hi there! Thanks for the first every iOS Charts question on our forums!

Can you supply a link to a video or a diagram explaining a bit more what you need? I don’t quite understand the requirement. I want to be sure before we answer.

I can tell you that animation of new datapoints is not something that we have built – yet – but we might be able to offer a suitable workaround, or implement it (depending on what you want).

Best regards,

  • Alexander Edunov
    Thanks for a fast reply! Of course! Here is an example I captured from app with SciChart: Here is an example of expected behavior: As you can see on the second video, new point is adding with animation from last (x0, y0) to current (x1, y1). Is it possible to implement it using SciChart?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Nice! That makes it a lot clearer! Well I’m pretty sure we don’t support this out of the box in v1.0.0, but I will ask the team what we can do in terms of a workaround (or future feature request).
  • Alexander Edunov
    Thanks! Looking forward to your reply.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    We’re discussing now in the team. Maybe inheriting our DataSeries would do it? E.g. AppendAnimated(x,y, duration). Stores a value, calculates interpolation points, then calls base DataSeries.Append(). At animation end you could remove the interpolated points (to save memory) and leave just the final X,Y. More to come …
  • Alexander Edunov
    I’ll try. Thanks!
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