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We use SciChart extensively in our WPF applications and make use of CustomRenderableSeries, writing all kinds of different lines and bitmaps directly to the IRenderContext2D depending on the point metadata.

We’re now looking at doing something similar in JavaScript, but can’t find any examples of this kind of customisation in the documentation. In the JavaScript library, is it possible to draw directly to a ‘canvas’ in the same way as in the WPF version? If so, could you please point to an example?

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Have a good day.

I’m working with scichartsurface, where I’m drawing a lot of lines with the help of IRenderContext2D. I’ve found out that this way of drawing took too much memory. For example when I displayed only surface, it took only ~80 Mb (Image 1), but when I displayed the graph using checkbox, began to scroll and pan my graph, the usage of memory increased to ~160 Mb (Image 2).
What is the reason of such behaviour?

Thanks in advance

I’ve attached the project:

  • Egor asked 9 years ago
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