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Hi Andrew,

I have 2 independent questions,

I have been working with uniform heatmap and I need a way to fix the aspect ratio to 1, for all resize, zoom events, is there an option in heatmap to fix an aspect ration? Please see the attached video

I am trying to implement a lasso select method to select and highlight the heatmap data. I did not find lasso select in the documentation hence I went ahead and implemented my own method.

I am drawing an svg using D3 (offsetX and offsetY variables) and then adding it to the annotation as you will see in the video and trying to get all the hitTest data inside the lasso.

If I use the customAnnotation then heatmap is able to draw correct size and location of the SVG

But it does not pan and zoom with the plot data. after looking through documentation I came across OverviewCustomResizableAnnotation which seems designed for zooming and panning with the data.

But while using the OverviewCustomResizableAnnotation the SVG size keeps changing during the update and is not located at the correct location relative to the data.

new OverviewCustomResizableAnnotation({
id: "lassoSVG",
x1: shortestXinData,
y1: shortestYinData,
isEditable: false,
isSelected: false,
yCoordinateMode: ECoordinateMode.DataValue,
xCoordinateMode: ECoordinateMode.DataValue,
verticalAnchorPoint: EVerticalAnchorPoint.Top,
horizontalAnchorPoint: EHorizontalAnchorPoint.Left,
svgString: new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(svg.node())




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