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When putting a chart into a listbox, the listbox doesn’t detect if the chart is clicked.

How can i change this, or there is any workarround to it? because i need it to select the parent ListBoxItem.

The problem is that when you put an event listener on the chart it doesn’t know where it is in the list, and when you put it in the listbox it doesn’t see it at all.


PS: I attached an example project where this happens.

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Good morning,

I would like to ask you about the solution contained in the title. Is it possible to create realtime charts (for example 7-10) in a list (RecyclerView)? I have studied your example but there were none with a list.

The fragment in the example called createMultiPaneStockChartsFragment contains 4 charts. But unfortunately, it is not a list.
I made a simple activity with 5 charts in a RecyclerView, but charts are stucking a bit.
I do not call notify methods. There is only update LineData method:

oneChartClass.getLineData().append(oneChartClass.getLineData().getCount(), trendPoint.getValue());

Thanking you in advance…

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