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We are working on our Angular Dashboard again using the JS Chart component and one item we would like to tidy up is the Meta Data displayed in the Tool Tips against data points.

When the cursor is enabled and a data point is hovered over, tool tips with the meta data is displayed for all data points in the vertical line; please refer to the screenshot attached.

We would like the tool tip to only be shown when the cursor is on a specific data point. We are currently working with an offshore team and any help surrounding this would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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I want to have multiple point markers within the same series based on per-point metadata – for example, based on categories I should have a circle, square, triangle, etc., within the same series. Is this possible?

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I’ve got a few questions about plotting Lat/Long coordinates in real time.

I’ve got two data series – (Timestamp, Latitude) & (Timestamp, Longitude) being updated 10 times/second. My goal is to graph car position in real time with a ScatterRenderableSeries and color each point according to other channels of data (temp, brake pressure, yaw rate, etc..).

How to best associate metadata?
In order to color the plotted points I need to be able to associate them with their respective timestamps. Do you have any advice on how best to do so? It seems the most obvious solution is using the PointMetaData API, but I’m curious if there would be a more efficient solution (like say somehow using an Xyz/Xyy DataSeries).

Dealing with the unsorted nature of the data?
I’m aware that SciChart performs much better when only inserting sorted data into a XyDataSeries. Seeing as I only receive GPS data 10 times/sec, I’m wondering if you think the lost performance will still pose a problem?

I’d appreciate any advice you could give!

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I have a class that extends the IPointMetadata interface that I append in my XyDataSeries data. What I would like to do is create a point marker based off this metadata.

For instance, say I have a property called Shape in my metadata that contains values of Circle, Triangle, Star. I want to be able to create those point marker shapes on the same series of data.

I tried creating my own marker by extending the BasePointMarker class, but I wasn’t able to find a way to get to the metadata.

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Hi there,

We are looking for a high-performance charting library, hence Im testing scichart and I am very excited about it.

Our application has an very abstract processing mechanism which categorize incoming data and dynamically adds channels to the plot. Each sample is – like we call it – a ProcessedData object which is a base class containing extented information about the sample like “is valid” or “is out of range”. Eg. if measureing a voltage, we need to mark data points on the chart that are “out of range” or similar.
I’d thought to start with the “DragHorizontalThreshold” which uses the RedIfOverThresholdPaletteProvider to change the color of the plot.
Do you have an idea if it is possible to implement a custom PaletteProvider which takes respect of an IsValid-property? Acutally i do not have a clue how to.


  • Sven Fink asked 9 years ago
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