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1 vote

Hi Scichart Team,

I want to add two border lines on the top and left of the chart on the existing theme —“BrightSpark”, I searched and tried some IThemeProvider memebers but have no luck to solve it.

Please find the detail in attached pic, just like bottom and right sides, add two border lines on the other two sides.

  • Keyu Yan asked 1 year ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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0 answers

I want to customise BrightSpark theme from scratch.

In the page below, there is SciChartv4Dark theme’ s xaml.

Can I get same thing for BrightSpark theme?

0 votes

Is there a simple white background theme?

0 votes

I am looking to implement Print functionality to the charts. I can use the Builtin functionality, but I need the chart to print on a lighter theme. How can I do this ? Can we create an in memory clone, switch its theme and print ?

1 vote

Our Designer wants the LineGraphs to continue under the axis and the gridlines area not to have a border, to accomplish some kind of “open” look&feel.
To get this working, i think i need to template the scichartsurface and put the axis over the gridlinesarea.
I did not find any hints on templating the surface itself, only other parts.
In the example styles you only change colors and borders, but not the template itself.

Can you give me some advice? Am i even on the right track?


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