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Templating SciChartSurface

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Our Designer wants the LineGraphs to continue under the axis and the gridlines area not to have a border, to accomplish some kind of “open” look&feel.
To get this working, i think i need to template the scichartsurface and put the axis over the gridlinesarea.
I did not find any hints on templating the surface itself, only other parts.
In the example styles you only change colors and borders, but not the template itself.

Can you give me some advice? Am i even on the right track?


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Designers eh!

This is an interesting question. We don’t publish the ControlTemplate of SciChartSurface because

  1. It changes from release to release, and is a support nightmare to maintain third party templates
  2. It relies on many other styles, behaviours, classes, helpers, converters, some of which are internal to the library.

However, it would be a doddle if you had access to the source-code.

I’ve logged a feature request to separate out our Default.xaml containing all control templates/default styles from the codebase so it would be easier for people to template parts.

Best regards,

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