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I have a top chart that is a heatmap and there is another bottom chart that is a temperature map. I want the heatmap not show any y-axis labels but still keep the x-axis start aligned from the left side. I tried turning off the y-axis lables (which I do not need in the heatmap), but that moves the heatmap to the left and not kept aligned with the bottom chart.

const yAxis = new NumericAxis(wasmContext, {
autoRange: EAutoRange.Always,
labelFormat: ENumericFormat.Decimal,
labelPrecision: 2,
labelPostfix: "C",
drawLabels: false

The above code hides the y-axis labels but also removes the space on the left side so the x-axis of both graphs does not remained aligned. I need a way to somehow keep the start of x-axis aligned for both top and bottom graphs.

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