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1 vote

I am trying to implement the following functionality requested by our users:

– Only zoom the chart when using CTRL + MouseWheel key
– This is similar to how most browsers behave

– If no CTRL key is pressed, then pan/scroll
– This is similar to how most browsers behave

Given the above requirement, I started by creating custom modifier by extending YAxisDragModifier.

My code almost works:
– When using CTRL + Mouse Left & Drag, it Scales (zooms) — just like the user wants
– But using CTRL + Mouse Wheel does not do the same — it only Scales (Zooms).

I have uploaded the code at

Note that I have not tried to implement this in ZoomPanModifier yet, but would be helpful if you could give me some pointers on getting this feature in there too.

I would appreciate any help I can get and thanks a bunch in advance.

Best Regards,
Sachin Patel.

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Hello, I have added YAxisDragModifier and ZoomPanModifier to my surface and when I try to drag on Y axis I can move the X axis too and that is not the behavior that I was trying to get. I want when I drag/move YAxis not to move on the YAxis also.

Here is my code:

Surface.ChartModifiers.Add(new PinchZoomModifier());
Surface.ChartModifiers.Add(new ZoomExtentsModifier());
Surface.ChartModifiers.Add(new YAxisDragModifier { DragMode = AxisDragModifierBase.AxisDragMode.Pan });
Surface.ChartModifiers.Add(new XAxisDragModifier { DragMode = AxisDragModifierBase.AxisDragMode.Pan, ClipModeX = ClipMode.None });
Surface.ChartModifiers.Add(new ZoomPanModifier
Direction = Direction2D.XDirection,
ZoomExtentsY = false

Here is the video with the behavior:

Help please!

1 vote

Hi I am implementing a chart on Android with 24 Hours of data viewable in 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours windows. The chart is drag-able upon the xAxis only. The full extent of the yAxis is always visible.

I am struggling to control the rate of scroll compared to the drag speed. What is desired is always a perceived one to one ratio of movement. This means that a data point’s movement distance when scrolled is the same is the point of touch’s movement distance regardless of zoom level.

I am currently using:

    ChartModifierCollection surfaceChartModifiers =  surface.getChartModifiers();
    XAxisDragModifier dragModifier = new XAxisDragModifier();

    ZoomPanModifier zoomPanModifier = new ZoomPanModifier();

Currently however the ratio does not appear to be one to one the scrolling move further than the touch drag distance.

How can I achieve this?

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