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In my application every series (FastLineRenderableSeries) has it’s own y axis (e.g. surface with 3 serieses will have 3 Y axes). When series is created I’m creating NumericAxis and adding it to YAxes collection. So my chart surface declared as follows (simplified view):
<s:DateTimeAxis />

Problem 1: when I do not declare YAxis in xaml I have problem with VerticalSliceModifier: when slice is added by user on surface the crosspoint with series is positioned correctly, but slice vertical line itself is drawn on the left side of surface and positioned correctly on some redraw (e.g. panning).
enter image description here

I found out that VerticalSliceModifier does not work properly if Axis is not declared, so I declared it:
<s:NumericAxis Visibility="Collapsed"/>

Now VerticalSliceModifier works fine, but now we come to problem 2.
Problem 2: when YAxis declared with Visibility=”Collapsed” the chart surface squares gets wrong color (look at blinks on panning).
enter image description here

So I’ve got stuck in search of magic combination when everything works as expected :-).

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