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trying to install SciChart on a VM now. WIndows 10, Visual Studio 2015. The installer asks me to accept the license condition. Then, when pressing “Install”… nothing happens.

Also: The install folder is VERY odd:

C:\Users**username removed***\AppData\Roaming\ABT Software Services Ltd\SciChart_v3.42.0.6778\

That is not exactly a good location to install anything.

Anyone knows how to install?

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Hi there,

We have tested SciChart on Windows 10 and it does install and work. Did you click the ‘Install_Me’ file or the MSI when installing (see attached)? If the MSI you will get strange results. Sorry, it’s an artefact of our installer software that it outputs two files.

Regarding the install directory, this is left over from the days when we had to ask users to compile the WPF Examples to include a license key after purchase. The WPF Examples source is bundled with the installer. When people double clicked the solution to start Visual Studio they found they couldn’t compile it as Visual Studio didn’t have admin rights to write to Program Files folder. Hence the intsall dir in user folder.

Nowadays we don’t need you to recompile the examples to include a license key and in the future we may not ship examples source at all, opting for an export or template feature instead, so we can consider reviewing the install directory.

Let me know if you get the installer working. If not, send me some details about your system and I will see what we can do.

Best regards,

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Ok, that is it – i clicked the MSI đŸ˜‰

Yes, fixing the installation to standard is something definitely good. Thanks – now I can go on getting back into the for me new version (did not use SciChart for 1.5 years now).

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    That's great you're up and running, appreciate the feedback! Best regards, Andrew
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