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Add AnnotationLabel on LineAnnotation or LineArrowAnnotation

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Basically, I want to draw line annotation and add over them the difference in percent between two Y points related to the axis. I tried this code:

    <s:LineArrowAnnotation Stroke="#555" StrokeThickness="2" X1="1.2" X2="2.5" XAxisId="XAxis1" Y1="3.8" Y2="6">
    <s:AnnotationLabel LabelPlacement="Top" LabelStyle="{StaticResource sideLabel}" Text="centered" />

As you did in some of your examples but doesn’t seems to work with LineArrowAnnotation.

Please help me.


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Best Answer

Hi Matthieu,

What you are looking for is Composite Annotations – which unfortunately we do not support in v3 of SciChart, but we do plan to support in the next major version.

Here are some posts where people have requested the same, or similar thing:

The best accepted solution is to have two separate annotations and to bind (or otherwise link together) the X1Y1 X2Y2 values.

Best regards,

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