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Axis labels dissapear

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Hello. When I try to add to curve some points with very small numbers:

curve.DataSeries = chartData;
chartData.Append(1, -6.525999992441564E-04);
chartData.Append(2, -6.5259999988724722E-04);
chartData.Append(3, -6.52599999843273E-04);
chartData.Append(4, -6.5259999970558607E-04);
chartData.Append(5, -6.5259999978135147E-04);

y axis not shown labels whatever Text Formatting property for this is. What I’m doing wrong? I noticed if I add points with -3 order of value, axis labels will show.
Surface description:

        <sc:FastLineRenderableSeries Name="curve"/>
        <sc:NumericAxis TextFormatting="E3" AutoRange="Always" x:Name="yAxis"/>
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