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Binding to DataSeries in XAML

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I’m trying to build an entire chart in XAML but I’m unsure how I would bind to DataSeries.

For example…


            <sci:NumericAxis />

            <sci:NumericAxis />



                    <!-- Completely made up "DataSeries" XAML tag, but this is the general idea of what I'm wanting to do -->

                    <DataSeries X="0" Y="{Binding Path=MyObject1.Value}" />
                    <DataSeries X="1" Y="{Binding Path=MyObject2.Value}" />
                    <DataSeries X="2" Y="{Binding Path=MyObject3.Value}" />
                    <DataSeries X="3" Y="{Binding Path=MyObject4.Value}" />




Is it possible to do something along those lines?

If something along those lines were possible I could probably even build out a DataTemplate to just generate the “DataSeries” tags.


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Hi Greg,

One Renderableseries has one DataSeries, so the binding must like this:

        <sci:FastImpulseRenderableSeries DataSeries="{Binding Path=ADataSeriesInYourViewModel}}>

It’s not possible to build the X,Y values in XAML for a dataseries, as DataSeries is not a DependencyObject and must be declared entirely in code behind or in your ViewModel, but you could if you wanted to write an attached property to do a custom action such as build a DataSeries.

More on attached properties can be found at the microsoft documentation here:

Best regards,

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