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Can SciChart render a Histogram? (Example attached)

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attachment is one type chart used in our product. could the sciChart implement this functions?

great thanks.

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UPDATE: We now have an example included in the SciChart v4 Examples Suite.

You can find a link to the Histogram Example page here.

enter image description here

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Hello there,

Please find a short example attached which re-creates this chart Updated for SciChart v3.1

  • The Histogram is created by using FastColumnRenderableSeries and DataPointWidth=1.0
  • The labels are created by using the TextAnnotation)
  • The legend is created by using the LegendModifier (as source) and SciChartLegend as consumer

Best regards,

  • darkgone
    Thanks. It looks we need version 1.5. we are currently evaluating the chart components to be used in our application, the scichart is great fast, that's very important for our system. But still, we need to confirm following things, 1. can the component support pie chart, contour chart? 2. can the component support fish-bone chart, which is some different, but needed in our system. 3. if we want implement above type charts and unify the interface with the scichart component, does that means we should buy the source code version and expand by ourselves. could we easily add a new type chart into the component? Thanks.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there,
    1. We don't currently support Pie chart and Contour chart, however, these have been requested a lot and they are on our roadmap for the near future.
    2. We don't support Fish-bone chart and there isn't a plan to support this type at the moment. Could this be done with Annotations? We support Line, Label annotations and a rich ChartModifier API to interact with the chart.
    3. Adding new chart types that render Xy, Xyy or Ohlc data is quite easy, however our rendering engine uses bitmaps rather than UIElements to achieve it's high speed.
    What we plan to do is introduce a few UIElement charts, to help people such as yourself have a single component for charting rather than needing two or three. Finally the source code option is a great one, and many of our customers have been able to customise, or quickly debug the chart software. I would say honestly that adding new chart types (Pie, Contour) you should leave to us and Fishbone chart perhaps could be developed on your side using Annotations. I hope this is helpful! Andrew
  • darkgone
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