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ExportToBitmapSource stackoverflow exception


Hello all,

I was trying to export my SciChartSurface to bitmap, to save in a pdf.

First I tried ExportToBitmapSource(true/false, wantedSize) method. It leaded to StackOverflowException.
Then I tried to set explicitly the Height and Width and call the parameterless ExportToBitmapSource() method. It works fine, saves fine, but for a second I see the modified Height and Width and axes.
I tried them sync and async calls too.

Have you ever met these kind of functioning, or is the failure in me?

On my SciChart almost everything has predefined Style. Maybe that’s why the ExportToBitmapSource(true/false, wantedSize) dies while cloning the chart inside?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Laszlo, have you tried the latest version of SciChart (6.5.1?). If the problem still exists there, can you send us code to reproduce a bug and we will investigate?
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Hi László,

I’m writing to inform you that we have recently published the changes improving the ExportToBitmapSource() method usage when XamlRenderSurface is applied. The changes are available in SciChart v6.6.0.26595 and newer.
If this is related to your use case, please upgrade and let us know your feedback.

Here is how to get our nightly builds:

With best regards,

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Hi Lex,

my company currently uses 6.3 version, whenever we are going to update, I will check and send feedback.
Thanks for the answer

Best regards,

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