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we have a graph which it’s x axis visible range changed when the graph draw until the max (as a travel graph)
we also have logic for each serie a minimum\maximum range, outside of this range the color should be red
so, we use the ExtremePointMarkerPaletteProvider and set for each value the suttible color in the colors list.

our problem is when the graph visible range changed – the serie points is draw correctly but it’s color is not match.
the colors are stay the same as they was before the range changed.
we looked at the colors list and YValues list – the value and the color on each index was match.
the problem is only in the view.

also, after some time it’s fixed, we don’t know what cause it to be fixed…


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Hi Natali,

Thanks for your inquiry,

Could you please provide us with a small sample project reproducing this issue for investigation?

Thanks in advance.

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Attached is an example of the graph we used with IExtremePointMarkerPaletteProvider
In this example:
1. The axis is 1000 seconds, after 1000 sec. the axis is moved and new points are displayed (1-1001,2-1002, etc.)
but all points are saved in the object.
2. In the provider we decided on a different color (red) for only the first 100 points.
[For these points, we populate the color array with red – only for the suitable indexes and the others with the original color]

In practice – after moving the graph, the first 100 dots are always red

We expect – after moving the graph the number of red dots decreased respectively. (So ​​that when the graph shows a timeline of 100-1100 – no red dots are visible at all)

In the debugging we saw that the color array was compatible with the data series.

Thank you

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