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Get all x,y coordinate pairs that intersect with a particular vertical slice


What I need is a way to calculate all the y axis values for a series that loops back on itself. Think of a circle for example. See the modified attached sample that shows is three circles. currently, if a vertical slice intersects a circle in two points for a given verticle slice, only the first encountered point gets a tooltip callout. I’m sure there is a sample, but can’t find it.

I’d like to be able to get the callout of all points in the series with values at a given x value, interpolating as needed, interpolating as needed. (I.e. if I am a x= 0.5 on the unit circle I need the y values at 0.86 and -0.86 to be returned by hit testing.

(I am actually implementing an area under the curve tool where the user selects an x range and I need to calculate the area under the curve for the selected range. With a signal vs time trace, this is easy because you only have one y value for each x value and can use the integral of a piece-wise linear curve representing the select points.

It gets complicated when a single series can loop back on itself as in the example of a circle. Here I need to select all points for a selected range and then generate two linear piecewise curves that I can take the integral of each and subtract the lower from the upper to get the area between those curves.

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Hello Doug,

Unfortunately, HitTest API doesn’t provide this functionality at the moment.

Please open a public feature request on our website:

This will allow others to vote for this feature. Once there are enough votes we will consider adding the desired feature.

Best Regards,

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