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I currently have a heatmap with float values on the Y axis and timestamps on the X axis, which renders fine. My timestamps are not equally spaced, so I changed it to a CategoryDateTime axis thinking that it would present all the columns with equal spacing. Instead, no heatmap gets rendered. The X and Y labels do show up, however. I’m not getting an error and don’t see anything that stands out in my output window. Is it just a matter of the categorical axis not supported by the heatmap, or can there be an error getting thrown silently somewhere?

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Hi Karl

The heat map spacing is provided by the function passed to the constructor of Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries:

  double[,] data;
  Func<int, int> xFunction = (ix) => { return ix };
  Func<int, int> yFunction = (iy) => { return iy };
  var heatmapSeries = new Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries<int, int, double>(data, xFunction, yFunction);

Using this function if you specify a sequential index (e.g. just return ix) then your X-Spacing for the heat map should be uniform.

Best regards,

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