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Hiding annotations with the legend visibility checkbox

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I have a chart with multiple dataseries, with each dataseries having annotations on top (like in the Trade Markers example). I have a legend which already shows or hides dataseries using a checkbox, but how can I make this checkbox also show or hide the annotations for that dataseries? Can I hook an event when this checkbox is triggered, or when the dataseries visibility changes?

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Hi Robert,

The Legend Checkbox is bound two way to RenderableSeries.IsVisible. We have a tutorial here which walks thorugh some extreme legend customization, including reacting to legend checkbox click and adding additional properties to the legend.

Tutorial – Custom Legend with Color Picker and Custom Point Markers

SciChart Legend Customization ControlTemplate

Does this help?

Also, please see additional docs for legend templating here.

Best regards,

  • Robert Evans
    Thanks for the quick response Andrew. In the end I wrote a handler for the RenderableSeries.IsVisibleChanged event, which is called whenever the legend checkbox is clicked on. The handler sets the relevant annotations' "IsHidden" property to be the inverse of RenderableSeries.IsVisible.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Awesome, glad you got a solution!
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