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I am using the BrushAnnotation and it works fine except that the
mouseover events seems to happen too soon.
I mean that when the mouse is close to the BrushAnnotation, but not on it,
the mouse cursor changed and I can drag the BrushAnnotation.
It happens for all lines but especially for shapes with many segments which
are closed to each other, see attached file ‘MouseOver event too soon (my application).png’.
I saw something similar in your ‘Trade Annotation’ example ,
it happens when I used the Tools=>Pointer, see attached figure ‘MouseOver event too soon (from Scichart example).png’.
Can I changed the distance from which the mouseover event starts?

Best regards,

  • Eyal Nevo asked 3 weeks ago
  • last active 3 weeks ago
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  1. How can I make the gap always the same between the two verticalLineAnnotations? In other words, when i move one of the verticalLines, another verticalLine also move follow the previous verticalLine and the gap between them is the same.
  2. When I move the vertical line, which corresponding event of VerticalLineAnnotation the I can use to get realtime data.
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I’ve been pouring through the documentation and examples and cannot find an example of this. Has anyone been able to accomplish this and willing to share an example? Thanks.

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I have a chart with multiple dataseries, with each dataseries having annotations on top (like in the Trade Markers example). I have a legend which already shows or hides dataseries using a checkbox, but how can I make this checkbox also show or hide the annotations for that dataseries? Can I hook an event when this checkbox is triggered, or when the dataseries visibility changes?

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Hello everybody!
Is there any event that raises at the begin of a render pass? For example, Render event is called everytime at the end of render pass.
Thanks in advance.

  • Egor asked 6 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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