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I have a problem reading the position of the vertical line annotations. The function “getX1” returns type double (0 – 1) or date depending on whether the annotation has not changed its position. I found out from the documentation that the type returned depends on the coordinateMode. I set it to absolute. This change had no effect, unlike in library written in Java. Is it possible to set the default type? Can I ask for any guidance needed to solve the problem? The version of the library I am using is

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How can I make the gap always the same between the two verticalLineAnnotations? In other words, when i move one of the verticalLines, another verticalLine also move follow the previous verticalLine and the gap between them is the same.
  2. When I move the vertical line, which corresponding event of VerticalLineAnnotation the I can use to get realtime data.
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