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Highlight a single "bar" using FastColumnRenderableSeries and/or StackedColumnRenderableSeries


I want to highlight a single bar in a plot with multiple StackedColumnRenderableSeries (or FastColumnRenderableSeries). I want to do this when the user clicks a bar. I’ve created a “ClickSelectionModifier” that is able to detect what series + data series index the user clicks, but I have not been able to highlight the clicked bar. A few nudges in the right direction would be appreciated 🙂

Example of single highlighted bar

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Hi there,

I could suggest few possible ways to implement this behavior:

  1. Using Annotation API. You could place BoxAnnotation over desired bar so it will overlap selected bar;
  2. Using PalletteProvider API. You could write custom pallete provider which returns another color for selected bar and change palette provider from your modifier ( set point which need to have another color )
  3. Using another column series which draws only selected bar on chart. This approach is similar to approch from Custom Select and Drag a Series article.

Hope it helps!

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