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how the customer TickProvider to support small size or large size windows but both with full visible range??

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I want to define ticks which start from some value. First I try to use customer TickProvider to calculate my owner tick array.
When tick counts are small, it look good in a small size windows.
But when the tick counts are large, the tick display fail. It only has one tick normal and others only have”-” but no label. If I change the windows size to larger, all ticks just display normal. (please see the attached file~~)
Can customer tickprovider support the default tick display mechanism to auto display just some ticks?

(in small windwos and large windows, the visible range is the same)

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Hi Andrew…
Thanks for your rapid replay…I try to this setting, it will display all label.
But, If the number of tick counts is large, the label will overlap….
Can I still have the Label Culling feature? or I need to handle it myself according the windows size in tickprovider??

In another say…if I use default tick feature (not use tick provider), can I change the default tick start value?
All I need is to modify the tick calculate start point, not always begin with 0.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi there, as I said, there is no way to combine your own (custom) TickProvider and your own custom label culling algorithm. The Label culling algorithm cannot be overridden, only turned on, or off.
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Hi there,

There is a conflict between custom TickProviders and our own Axis Label Culling feature. Basically, SciChart culls (hides) labels that are close together but the algorithm assumes the TickProvider is standard (not custom).

Please try setting this one line of code and it should make all labels visible:

AxisBase.IsLabelCullingEnabled = false

Best regards,

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