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How to add customized tooltip in tooltipmodifier for XyScatterRenderableSeries

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I have n number of series on my chart. In that one series is having data that is out of process. So I want to describe why the particular point is out of process when mouse is moved to it. Iam using tooltipmodifier so that no crosshairs or vertical lines are seen on chart other than required plotted data.

I have seen an example in ( but that of no use. Please help !!!

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Hi Anitha,

Have you read through the KB article How to add Customized Tooltips with the TooltipModifier carefully?

This explains how to template the tooltip label template, change tooltip label datacontext.

It also includes a link to our examples which contains example source-code for the above.

Let me know if this helps,

enter image description here

Best regards,

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