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How to edit a threshold value and adjust automatically Y position

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Dear all,

I need to build the sample graph demo on attached picture.

I have 2 questions on how to do :

1 – Position of the Red line :
For the Red ligne, customer would like to display the line at the average calculation of the series automatically. How to place that line automatically at a fixed position value ( not movable )

2 – Position of the Yellow line
For the yellow line, customer would like to enter a value on the Threashold text box and the yellow line should be then automatically position to that value. Then if customer scroll the yellow line up or down, I need to dispplay the current Y value

How to do those 2 scenarios ? could not find proper exemple which shows this text box edition and automatically place the line.

Thanks for help


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We have an example that does almost exactly this:

WPF Chart Drag Horizontal threshold example

I’m not going to give you an example that shows you how to connect a TextBox.Text value with the Threshold.Y1 value – that really is your role as a developer! But hopefully with the above example you can learn how to place editable thresholds on SciChart.

enter image description here

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