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How to show a Full bar?

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The last Candlestick at the first Pic was shown only a Half Bar?

but The last Candlestick at the second Pic was shown as a Full Bar?

How can i set StockChart to show a full bar for the last one.

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Hi there,

Our candlesticks are centred on data-points, so the last bar will always be split I’m afraid (we have no knowledge of width of bar before drawing).

I would suggest adding a small GrowBy to your CategoryDateTimeAxis. For instance:

  <s:CategoryDateTimeAxis GrowBy="0,0.02"/>

This will ensure there is always a 2% padding to the right of the last bar. You can experiment with the value to get the desired effect.

Best regards,

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the first Pic was captrued on the offline demo, the second Pic was captrued on your online demo. what’s the difference? both of them are Zoom In to a part of the series.

    • Guest
    • 10 years ago
    Hi there, the difference is in the version of the SciChart dll used. Online demo uses v3.2, where this issue is fixed. Also, may I remind you that this forums use the question-answers format (like StackOverflow), so please leave a comment or update your original post for clarifying the request. Thanks!
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