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I am having a number of LineAnnotations displayed on the graph and their references stored in an array. I’d drag the annotations around the graph and try to get their new position by calling tab[0].X1 for example but the value returned isn’t the actual X1 of the given annotation. I’d get 1.75 for example for the actual X1 value of 265 shown when debugging. Tried with
foreach (LineAnnotation line in mySciChart.Annotations) { var value = (double)(line.X1); } but same prob, What am I doing wrong?

  • Yuriy
    Hi Kilosa, I’m not sure why would this happen. There should be a noticeable difference between 1.75 and 265. Are the annotations placed correctly?
  • Kilosa Magali
    Yes, all annotations are placed correctly . Am also surprised, debugging this line var value = (double)(line.X1), I expand the variable ‘line’ and see the value of X1 different from the one affected to the variable value.
  • Andrew
    Hi Kilosa. If you can send us code to reproduce, we will investigate. Otherwise, marking this as ‘cannot reproduce’. Best regards, Andrew
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